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Horse Cave Church of Christ   


Ladies Bible Class

Our ladies meet on the first Monday evening of each month at 6:30.
Renee`Perkins is our very capable teacher, and Martha Cyphers is a valuable assistant. Besides having a bible study, here are some of the good projects they are involved with, and may God receive the glory for what our wonderful ladies are doing - Matthew 5:16
- Nursing Home Visits every month
- Greeting Cards are sent every month to individuals at church and in the 
community who are sick or have lost loved ones
- A gift/flowers are sent to any lady at church who is in the hospital
- A contribution is sent to “The Manna Project” on a quarterly basis 
This contribution supports one preacher to be educated in a foreign 
mission field
- Welcome baskets are prepared and delivered to Potter Children’s Home 
and Family Ministries in Bowling Green, Ky on a quarterly basis. These 
baskets are for new families or children who enter the program at 
Potters. ALso lots of clothes have been donated.  
- Donate items to help Foundation Christian Academy in Bowling Green
- Food is taken to church members who are shut in at home or who need
assistance with preparing meals 
- A “Greeter Program” is scheduled for the start ofSunday morning 
Worship services
- Household items are maintained in the basement of the Annex for 
those in the community who have a need for these items

basket donated to Foundation Christian  Academy as a fund raiser

Radio Flyer wagon loaded with goodies donated to FCA as a fund raiser